About Us

The GNetwork 108 is a women networking and empowerment company whose ultimate aim is to help women and youth in various aspects of life and career.

Ordinary women and youth come together in the spirit of UBUNTU to do extraordinary acts from offers of lifts to help fetch kids or putting together mergers to buy out companies.

The idea is to create a platform where women can interact with each other and help each other in their field of expertise. GirlFriend Network also identifies the needs in different communities An illustration of this – Teachers have offered tuition to needy children in their areas; social workers have offered their services; Investment bankers are ready to help sisters in need of financial advice etc.

The vision is to get help to sisters wherever they are. Using multimedia platforms of the internet and cell phones women can get access to information on their current needs. Abused women can have access to safe houses or a girlfriend who at that time can offer assistance to a house of safety while other girlfriends in the legal profession can help from a legal aspect e.g. Court interdicts maintenance etc.

Have an idea? We’re here to help you¬†