I looked at myself in the mirror and I asked myself again what is the one thing that makes me feel beautiful the answer was simple on a physical level I love my hair. My hair makes me feel absolutely beautiful. How I wear my hair sets the tone for the day. It reflects what I’m feeling and is part of my signature of Who I am.The Whole Me. A friend of mine Janine who used to do my hair always called it my crowning glory. She always did my hair so beautifully so I decided that since my hair made me feel so beautiful I was going to tie it up. I was gonna going to cover my hair. I would never go out in public with the down-and-keep it covered at all times. I took a vow and made a pact with myself, I said I’ll keep my hair under wraps and keep my beauty within. In Solidarity to all the women whose beauty is kept trapped by the shackles of society greed culture weakness of men. I will do this for as long as it took me to get to the point that I can launch my programs that can allow women and youth to be educated and empowered and be able to fully realize their beauty. Even by just giving them an opportunity to study or not allows them to live their full potential. I believe that the launch will bring together thousands of women sign up to  GNetwork 108  to get access to free education and access to empower themselves together.  it’s time we all join together economically, emotionally and spiritually.  Our power is within us and we need to love it and feel it.When the launch happens I will unwrap my hair in celebration of other souls being able to realize their full beauty. On hearing, this Janine shared her story with me about her hair and I think it will be wonderful if we all shared our stories.
Love Mayshree